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Home Automation and Intercom Systems

Modernise your home and make your life easier with home automation and intercom systems installed by our licensed electricians

Home Automation Services across Brisbane, Bayside and Gold Coast

If you want to make your life at home easier, there are few upgrades better than home automation and intercom systems. We can install or service your preferred systems and make sure they’re fully integrated and set up to your needs. Whether you want to install the latest home automation system or add a more basic intercom unit, we can install it properly for you.

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We supply and install Home Automation Systems


Home Automation

Make your home a smart home with a home automation system set up for your needs and lifestyle. Whether you’re installing a home automation system for the first time or upgrading to a better system, we can install it for you and integrate it with the features you want. Our skilled electricians can help sync your new system with your other devices and help set up your:

  • Home security (i.e. remote entry and exit)
  • Light controls
  • Access controls
  • Temperature control
  • Monitoring features
  • Programmable functions
  • And more!


Whether you’re installing a standard voice intercom system or a video intercom, we can set it up for you to work seamlessly on your property. We can pair your intercom system with your home automation system, electric gates/access points, data and communications systems or any other device it can pair with. Depending on your intercom device, our electricians can help set it up for:

  • Home security (i.e. remote entry and exit)
  • Communication
  • Audio and video monitoring
  • Wireless access controls
  • Wi-Fi functionalities
  • And more!

Why choose B&Q?

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    Fully licensed electricians

    All our electricians are licensed to complete home automation and intercom installations. Rest assured that whatever wiring and connections your system needs, our electrician can do it safely and expertly.  

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    We are known for our professionalism and quality work, providing a service that you can always count on. We always show up on time, clean up after ourselves and go beyond what you expect from your typical electrician.

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    Expert advice and recommendations

    We’ve installed a wide range of home automation and intercom systems, and we can provide expert advice and recommendations on how to set up your system and make the most of it in your property.

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What is a “smart” home?

A “smart” home is a home that allows you to control various features and functions by using smart devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets, wall interfaces, etc.). Installing home automation and intercom systems is one of the best ways to make your home a “smart” home.

What’s the best home automation or intercom system?

The answer is different for every homeowner, and the best one for you will depend on several factors, including the features you need, the configuration of your property, your smart devices, and your budget.

What devices can I sync with a home automation system?

This will depend on the model of your home automation system and your available devices. Many home automation systems allow you to sync it with a variety of devices such as smartphones, lighting systems, air conditioning system, gates and home security systems.

Voice or video intercom – which one’s better?

It depends on what you need. Standard voice intercoms can be enough if all you need is a voice communication system. But if you want visual monitoring and video features, then a video intercom would be more suitable.

Are home automation systems hard to use?

Home automation systems are designed to make your life simpler and easier at home. After the initial phase of setting up your devices and learning the various controls, you should be able to use your system very easily.

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