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Commercial Electrical Services

Keep your business running smoothly with our skilled and licensed electricians covering your electrical needs.

Experienced Commercial Electrical Services across Brisbane

Whether you’re launching a new business, setting up in a new location or simply upgrading your electrical systems, we’re here to make sure your electrical systems work as they should. We provide a wide range of commercial electrical services that can help you operate smoothly day in and day out.

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Our Commercial Electrical Services


Office & Retail Re-fits

If you’re doing an office or retail fitout for your business, we can do a full electrical fitout and make sure your systems are set up properly so you resume operations smoothly from the first day. From lighting and cabling to data and communications, we’ve got you covered here at B&Q.


Air-Conditioning Servicing & Reporting

Ensure a comfortable, safe and productive work environment by keeping your air conditioning system in top condition. We install and service commercial air conditioning systems of all types, and we can set up the right split or ducted air conditioning system for your business.


Industrial Lighting

Need reliable lighting for your industrial property? Whether it’s for your warehouse, workshop or commercial facility, we can install the right lighting solution to help keep your operations running. This includes supplemental lighting, emergency lighting and more.


Insurance Electrical Work

We can complete a variety of electrical work for insurance companies, providing quality electrical services for insurance claims, disaster relief and other insurance-related work. Whether it’s standard electrical work or more specialised services, our team can get the job done.


Switchboard Upgrades

Upgrade your commercial building’s switchboard and make sure it can handle all your power requirements. Our licensed electricians can complete switchboard upgrades that match your business needs and ensure the safety of your electrical systems.


Electrical Safety Testing & Audits

Make sure your business complies with industry regulations for electrical safety and maintenance. Our licensed electricians can conduct comprehensive electrical safety testing and audits to evaluate your system and identify possible risks or issues.


Preventative Maintenance Services

Keep your electrical systems in optimum condition with proper maintenance and regular servicing. We provide a variety of services for preventative maintenance (including exit light testing, and RCD testing) that can make sure your electricals are working properly while minimising your risk of short circuits and fires.


Other Commercial Electrical Work

Need more specialised electrical work? Our team of licensed electricians can handle and provide many other electrical services for commercial properties, including pool earthing, data and communications, cabling work and more.

Why choose B&Q?

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    Fully licensed electricians

    All our electricians are licensed and qualified to complete a variety of commercial electrical services. This ensures your electrical systems are serviced by professionals who know the most up to date guidelines and techniques for electrical work.

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    We provide the same high-level service that we demand as a business ourselves. This means we always show up on time, provide outstanding customer service and help you get the right solution at the right price.

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    Expert advice and recommendations

    Our experienced electricians can provide expert advice and recommendations so you can get the most practical and cost-effective solutions for your business. We can help you figure out what’s right for your property and what’s worth your time and money.

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Will we need to vacate our building while you work?

This depends on the size and scope of electrical work you need. We will coordinate with you and do our best to work out a schedule that creates the least impact on your business operations.

I’m not sure what my business needs. Can you help me?

Yes, absolutely! Every business is different, and the right electrical systems will depend on your business requirements and your building. We can assess your needs and provide your best options to get the results you want.

Can we do electrical work ourselves?

We always recommend letting licensed electricians like us handle all electrical work and wiring, no matter how simple and straightforward it may seem.

Do you do small electrical jobs?

Yes, we do! We handle commercial electrical work of all types and sizes, and we can provide whatever minor electrical service your business needs.

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