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Switchboard Upgrade

Switchboard installations, upgrades and repairs from licensed electricians

We upgrade switchboards across Brisbane, Bayside and the Gold Coast

Whether you have an older switchboard that needs to be replaced or your electrical needs have increased significantly, a professional switchboard upgrade is a must. We provide professional switchboard upgrades as well as RCD & safety switches installation & testing that can make sure your electrical systems are safe and functional.

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RCD & safety switches – Installation & testing

An RCD (Residual Current Device) is a safety switch system that cuts off power quickly during an electrical fault. Whenever it detects an imbalance in the electrical flow on your system, an RCD safety switch will cut off power immediately to prevent electrical damage or personal injury. In many cases, it can be a life-saving device that prevents someone from being electrocuted. It can also help minimise the risk of a fire. We provide the installation and testing of RCD safety switches and can make sure they’re set up correctly to keep you and your property safe.

Does your property need a switchboard upgrade?

It’s not always clear or obvious when your switchboard needs to be replaced or upgraded. You may need a switchboard upgrade if:

Your property (or switchboard) is old.

Older properties tend to have older switchboards that don’t comply with the most current safety standards. Many old switchboards also don’t have safety switches.

Your switchboard is damaged or exposed.

Damaged or exposed switchboards pose the risk of contact with live electricity.

Your fuse trips constantly.

Old or faulty fuses can increase your risks of electrical faults and fires.

Your electrical requirements have increased.

As you add more appliances or electrical equipment in your property, the load on your switchboard also increases. And if your switchboard is overloaded, it can cause a variety of electrical issues and fire risks.

Your switchboard is a mess.

A messy and disorganised switchboard is not only difficult to use, but also a potential fire and electrical hazard.

You’re renovating your property.

If you’re renovating or extending your property, you need to make sure your switchboard can handle the new electrical load placed on it.

If you’re not sure whether your switchboard needs an upgrade or replacement, have a chat with us to find out.

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Why choose B&Q?

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    Fully licensed electricians

    All our electricians are fully licensed and experienced in completing switchboard upgrades. With B&Q, you can rest assured that your switchboard will be set up by electricians who will comply with industry guidelines and the most up-to-date safety regulations for electrical safety.

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    We do things the right way not only because you deserve it, but also because we love our work. And this means always showing up on time, completing jobs to the highest standard, and going the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied with our service.

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    Expert advice and recommendations

    As experienced electricians that have done electrical work on a wide range of residential and commercial properties, we know the most practical and cost-effective solutions for different scenarios. We can help you figure out the right solution for whatever electrical issue you might have.


How much will it cost?

The cost will depend on several factors, including the size of your switchboard (current unit and its upgrade), the capacity you want it to have, the wiring conditions in your system, any cabling that needs to be done, and how much work it will all take. Feel free to contact us for a more detailed quote.

Can I upgrade my switchboard myself?

We strongly advise against replacing or rewiring your switchboard yourself. Rewiring and setting up switchboards are complicated, and live electricity is very dangerous. So we always recommend having it done by professional and licensed electricians like us.

How important is it to update my switchboards?

Very important. Many (if not most) old switchboards do not meet the most current electrical safety standards, making them major fire and electrical hazards. Many old switchboards also don’t have safety switches, which can increase your risk of electric shocks.

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